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Civil Works And Construction Tenders - Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is CWC Tenders?
Infrastructure Tenders Global Tenders Notifications (Civil Works and Construction Tenders) is a global/ international as well as local/domestic Tenders web based service that keeps you update on Tenders, RFPs, EOI, Proposals, Contracts, Projects, Procurement Notices generated from various Government agencies etc. from all over the world related to Infrastructure, Construction, Building etc.
Q What are the sources of tenders?
Tenders for builders Global Tenders Notifications CWCTenders sources the information from world's known and popular newspapers, journals, magazines, genuine government web sites across the globe etc.
Q How often is the tender database updated?
Tenders for building material suppliers Data is uploaded on a daily basis. Data is collected from various sources.
Q Are Tender notices also sent by email?
Construction Contracts Global Tenders Notifications Premium subscribers will receive tender notices regularly by email apart from having full online access to  tender notices, procurement news, project information .
Q What are the subscription packages you offer?
Construction Contracts Global Tenders Notifications
We have the following packages.
Basic - 365 days USD 1188 - Online web access to tender notices. One time for new subscribers only.
Regular - 365 days USD 1208 - Online web access to tender notices, procurement news, project information.
Premium - 365 days USD 1668 - Online web access to tender notices, procurement news, project information and tender notices by email.

You can try the above packages for 30 days.

(No Free Trial)
Regular -
30 days
USD 189 - Online web access to tender notices, procurement news, project information etc.
Premium -
30 days
USD 249 - Online web access to tender notices, procurement news, project information and tender notices by email.
*GST extra - 18%
Q How can I Subscribe?
Global Building Tenders Global Tenders Notifications You can fill the Subscription Form. As soon as you submit the subscription form, you'll receive an email with payments instructions/options.
Q What are the payment options?
CWC Tenders Global Tenders Notifications We offer different payment options.
SWIFT Bank Transfer
Cheque/Demand Draft
 Pay online by Credit Card.
If you would like to do Bank Transfer, contact us and we'll send you the details.
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