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Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice Country : Cote Divoire
Tender Category: Infrastructure - Roads and Highways
Description: Grand Bassam - Aboisso Road Rehabilitation Works
Action Deadline: 29 Sep 2017 Ref. no.: 41668067
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Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice Country : Cote Divoire
Tender Category: Energy & Power - Industrial Automation , Infrastructure and construction , Energy, Power and Electrical
Description: Set Up Rtus And Telecommunication Equipment In Substations And Build A Fiber-optic
Action Deadline: 27 Oct 2017 Ref. no.: 41422902
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Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice Country : Cote Divoire
Tender Category: Water and Sanitation , Consultancy - Engineering , Infrastructure and construction , Environment and Pollution
Description: Programme Of Sustainable Improvement Of Situation Of Sanitation And Drainage (padsad) Of The City Of Abidjan
Action Deadline: 31 Jan 2018 Ref. no.: 35810093
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